303 Acre

Project description

This project develops over a 303 acres property converting former agricultural land into an equestrian centre along the river Thames, in the Berkshire region.

Canals and bridges implement the landscape quality and the equestrian accessibility on the territory.

Existing re-claimed materials are converted and integrated in the design, such as railway timber sleepers and concrete tiles re-used for decks and pathways. Horse tracks are created using wood-chip from existing tree bark, covering over 5 miles in length.

New plants populate common areas and paths in a natural integration with the local woodland. Bespoke visual design elements feature on key items and the design of a logo contributes to the definition of a brand identity.




Studio 51 North


Studio 51 North

Pellegrini Figueiredo – Landscaping

Stefano Mandato – Visual Design


Masterplan, Landscape, New Build and Brand Identity


2018 - Ongoing, Part Completed


Berkshire, United Kingdom