Wine House Living

Project description

The project is situated in the Alto Douro Wine Region, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The total area of the intervention is 1850 sqm, of which 780 sqm comprise the built structures, part-existing and part-excavated. The design attitude is archaeological, bringing pre-existing elements to life by digging them out in order to re-adapt them to contemporary functions.

The multi-acre property produces wine and other goods, integrated within the life and daily activities of residents and guests at the Wine-House.

The existing derelict stone barn is connected to the property as a guesthouse with private courtyard terraces, communicating a language of integration between modern sophistication and vernacular style.




Winery Holding Company


Studio 51 North


Studio 51 North

Morais Soares Arquitectos – Planning


Refurbishment and Interior Design


2019 - Concept


Douro, Portugal