Continuity Rooms

Project description

The project is developed over a series of existing rural buildings including an old barn and a dovecote laid out on a U-shaped wing.

These structures, ancillary buildings to the original farmhouse, are renovated and re-imagined in a variety of functions.

Structural consolidation and landscaping works are aimed at neutralising discrepancies among the buildings and connecting them providing architectural continuity.

The existing conservatories are reassembled in the form of clean steel and glass structures with a sense of elegant functionality. Other spaces are dedicated to the display of art where country elements are kept but muted in favour of a more sophisticated palette of materials and a direct, open view to the serene countryside landscape.




Studio 51 North


Studio 51 North

Pellegrini Figueiredo – Landscaping


Landscape, Refurbishment, Interior and Furniture Design


2017 - Planning


Berkshire, United Kingdom