Entertainment Stables

Project description

The stables were originally used as service spaces to the local agricultural business. Working on their refurbishment and implementation, the support function to the equestrian project is re-instated. The spaces are integrated as showrooms and reception hubs for the whole property as bespoke furniture, wood and leather details contribute to creating a specific brand identity.

The stable rooms are laid out on the ground floor, while the first floor accommodates staff rooms and residential units including 5 separate flats.

A fountain/drinking trough animates the northern courtyard, providing fresh water at disposal of the horses as a playful and sculptural focal point. A system of pergolas, ropes and climbing plants provide shade, filtering on the light grey timber facades and private areas.


Photographs copyright © Laila Pozzo




Studio 51 North


Studio 51 North

Pellegrini Figueiredo – Landscaping


Landscape, Refurbishment, Interior and Furniture Design


2018 - Completed


Berkshire, United Kingdom